Selection Of My Artist's Books

I discovered artist’s books through making mail-art, and it was a game-changer for me, a new way for me to express myself. It meant that I could reinvent myself as an artist, and finally I could make use of all my strange ideas which otherwise just seemed worthless. Switching between different artistic styles whenever I got bored was great, and gave me flow and surprising artistic results.

Sewing books in the studio

My sketchbooks and artist’s books look sometimes the same

Monsters, artists book with a citat from Stephen King, paper lithography, size about 13x50cm, 2020

Different artist’s books with trash as a theme

Installation with artist’s books in my solo exhibition at Galler G in Helsinki, 2014

Contact and links
In short

Visual artist Carina Granlund (b. 1967) lives and works in Korsholm, Western Finland.
She acquired her BA in visual arts in 1992 and since then she has been exhibiting in Finland and abroad in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.


I am an artist, printmaker, and book artist living in Western Finland. I try to visualize my thoughts, and my views on the world with my artwork. The essence of my art is based on bittersweet moments in my life and others. I love the process of printmaking, especially monoprinting where I can explore random possibilities, colours, patterns, and shapes. I find inspiration from song lyrics, and from drawing in my daily sketchbooks.

Curriculum Vitae



Born 1967, lives and works in Petsmo, Finland


1988-1992 - Visual Art School of Nykarleby/NOVIA (Bachelor’s degree), Finland
1987-1988 - Västra Nylands Folkhögskola, Free Art Programme


Finnish Painters' Union


2019 - Paper And Ink, Printmaker’s Gallery, Vaasa
2014 - The Hero Is Burning, Gallery G, Helsinki
2013 - Revelations, Gallery Å, Turku
2010 - Recent Drawings, Gallery Varikko, Seinäjoki
2008 - Make a Living, After Eight, Pietarsaari
2007 - Faith Hope and Love, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki
2006 - Run Baby Run, Gallery Woodoo, Vaasa
2005 - East Bothnia Museum (Neon FST Project), Vaasa
2004 - Eyewitness, Library Art Gallery, Vaasa
1997 - Memories in a Bottle, Gallery Academy of Arts, Helsinki


2014 - Dialogue Landscape, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki
2013 - Ensilumi, Gallery Alte Schule, Berlin, Germany
2012 - ARTTURI, Gallery Spectra, Kristiinankaupunki
2012 - Rajantaju (curated by Samuli Heimonen), Purnu Arts Centre, Orivesi
2011 - Human Nature, Gallery 5, Oulu
2008 - Tobacco Warehouse, Museum of Pietarsaari
2007 - Gallery Horst Stauber, Passau, Germany
2004 - House of Abrams, Vöyri
2003 - Hidden, Vaasa City Gallery, Vaasa
1999 - Sidewalk, Nordic Art Happening, Vaasa
1998 - Gallery Remi, Östersund, Sweden
1998 - Theater Bambula, Vaasa
1998 - Stundars Museum, Solf
1997 - Gallery Fylkes, Namsos, Norway
1997 - East Bothnia Museum, Vaasa
1996 - Gallery Pärnu, Pärnu, Estonia
1995 - Museum of Renlund, Kokkola
1994 - Gallery Jangva, Helsinki


2012 - Landscape, Association of East Bothnia Exhibition, Lapua Art Museum, Lapua
2011 - In the Present, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa
2011 - Unikuvia, exhibition curated by Union of Finnish Art Associations, Saarijärvi
2010 - VALO, Region Exhibition, Nelimarkka Museum, Alajärvi
2008 - Tobacco Warehouse, Museum of Pietarsaari, Jubilee Exhibition of Swedish Cultural Foundation
2008 - Association of East Bothnia Artists Yearly Exhibition (+2007, 1997, 1994)
2005 - Artist in Residence, FST´s Television Production “Neon”
1997 - Comment, The Young Artists Exhibition, Esbo
1991 - Young Artists of East Bothnia (+1994), Seinäjoki


2011 - Live Drawing, “I Wanted to Paint the World, Little Mom”, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa
2008 - Live Drawing, “The Good and Evil”, Rewell Center, Vaasa
1997 - Night of the Arts, Schablon Assembly: ”One Spoon for Mom”, Vaasa


Pro Artibus Art Foundation
City of Vaasa
Swedish East Bothnia Society
Federation of Finnish Art


2006 - Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus/Residence, Schwandorf, Germany
1997 - Ricklundsgården, Saxnäs, Sweden


2013 - Swedish Cultural Foundation, One year working grant
2012 - Art Commission of Ostrobothnia, One year working grant